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Mixed media, new lengths, layer theory. We sat down with our very own SVP of Design, Jennifer Ehrenfeld to discuss Caché’s new look and what to expect from the brand.

Jennifer Ehrenfeld

What can we expect from the new Caché?

At Caché, the collection is continually evolving to reflect a modern woman’s sensibility. Cache clothing is trend-right and now offers a wider product assortment to attract a broader range of consumers – to appeal to that woman who never thought about shopping in Caché before. Our goal is to become a true lifestyle destination…after all; every woman has a little Caché in her!

Will the focus still be on eveningwear?

Our Caché consumer will always come to us for great formal dresses, but we are so much more than just evening wear.  We are a great fashion boutique for all the events in a woman’s life. We have terrific sportswear and day dresses that are great for the office or an afternoon luncheon, great day to date-night outfits, an expanding offering of great accessories, seasonal outerwear and of course some amazing cocktail and evening dresses!

What has been the common perception of Caché before?

That Caché appealed only to a consumer who wanted sexy, form-fitting dresses; but our new fall collection makes it apparent that Caché has a much broader appeal.

Who is the Caché clientele?

Our Caché woman is confident, bold and in charge of her life.  She is comfortable in her own skin, approachable, spirited and likes to have fun! While she is aware of fashion trends, she also has her own point of view and style and likes to make a statement when she enters a room.  She takes care of herself and is aware of her sensuality without being overtly sexy.

What kind of new clientele are you trying to bring in?

We are so grateful that Caché has always enjoyed support from a wide demographic of women, but today we are focusing our efforts to make the younger millennial consumer aware of who the brand is and who the brand can appeal to.  This new emphasis results in a product that looks great and reflects a modern sensibility that appeals to many women. When I look at the collection, I see a lot of really cool pieces that are on trend and fresh in their interpretation – items that are really hip and exude a cool vibe!

Did you ever shop at Caché when you were younger?

I’m a small town girl whose view from her bedroom window was farmland and cornfields. I could only dream about a shopping destination like Caché back then.  Growing up, my life revolved around the local Dairy Queen and Casual Corner…need I say more?

How does working at Caché differ from your other roles in the design world?

Because Caché is a direct to consumer brand, I get to react faster to what our customer wants and needs. I also have the ability to curate collections culled from the best design partners and resources, each of whom are experts in their respective areas of sportswear, evening wear, daytime fashion, accessories, etc. My responsibility is to lead a very talented, young and energetic design team…I love my job!

Does Caché have plans for expansion? Will it still have a big presence in malls across the country? 

We are so grateful to have enjoyed the support of loyal customers nationwide for over 30 years. Across America – upscale malls are the corner stone of the community; and we are often the main specialty fashion destination in that environment. We will continue to have a presence in malls across the country, as we have become part of the fabric of our consumer’s life – a responsibility we take very seriously.  We also enjoy support, both online and in our stores, from a strong international client base – these women love Caché.  As our society becomes more global and the demand increases, we will grow our business accordingly.

Where does Caché have the biggest “cachet”? What part of the country loves the brand the most and where would you like to see it be bigger?

While we are in 41 states and have consumers who enjoy the brand nationwide, we have a huge customer base in Florida (where the brand was founded).  We also have a strong following throughout the Northeast, Midwest and in other states, too, including Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, California and the Carolinas.

What’s been fun about designing a new look for the brand?

Being part of a team that is working to evolve a brand is a huge responsibility, but we have a mantra: Work Hard, Work Smart and Have Fun!  Seeing women wearing Caché and seeing their positive response to the new collection is gratifying.  I love visiting the stores and seeing customers shop – hearing their comments about how they will incorporate their new items into their wardrobe to reflect their sense of style.  I also enjoy feedback from our store executives, retail personnel and our ecommerce team.  I love seeing their enthusiasm when a new shipment arrives and learning that they can’t wait to share the latest looks with their customers!  It’s humbling and exhilarating at the same time!

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