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Poly Clutches

Football season is just around the corner, but before we even think about cheering our favorite teams to a Super Bowl championship we’re going to put fashion first and clear a few things up.

Has the NFL approved wearing stilettos in football stadiums? Can a girl layer too much? And what’s the deal with this whole No Bags policy? Where are we supposed to put our cell phone, lipstick, rabbit’s foot and other essentials if we can’t carry a purse into a game?

The solution comes just in time for pre-season – new poly clutches!

Available in both black and gold (Caché girls that are Saints fans will want to get both) these clutches are 100% see-thru, which is to say NFL-approved! They also feature a shiny gold chain strap.

Pass through security with confidence and Caché style, ladies. We’ll see you at the game!



Gold Rush

gold rush

Summer’s really starting to heat up, and we’re ready for it with hot July accessories. This month we’re literally dripping in gold—necklaces, bangles, earrings and clutches—statements designed to add shine to every look. Suggestion: An all-white outfit, decorated with the below, ideally worn while enjoying a frosty piña colada on the edge of an infinity pool.