Puerto Rico in Palazzos!

So I’ve just returned from a much-needed vacation to Puerto Rico, and I’m not kidding when I say I spent the entire time in palazzos.

Who would have thought this early 70’s trend would be making a raging comeback in the 21st Century? Lucky for us, because these just may be The Ultimate Vacation Pant.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has maybe the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. I spent most afternoons soaking up the sun, frozen margarita in hand. But come sunset, it was on with the snake print palazzos and go. I wore them for walks along the shore, and kayaking in nearby Fajardo’s Bioluminescent Bay, which I highly recommend.

Snake Print Palazzo

For cocktails and live music at the local bars it was a decision between my black sash-tie palazzos and my leopard print ones. Either, paired with a simple blouse, made transitioning from day to night a no-brainer. Another thing: palazzos are lightweight and breezy, perfect for dancing the night away to reggae beats.

Leopard Print Palazzo  Black Sash Pant

On my last day exploring the island, I spent all afternoon shopping in Old San Juan. My outfit? Palazzos ­– the paisley ones. Those, plus a white tank top and sandals for fabulous tropical tourist style.

Paisley Palazzo



Carry-On Travel Essentials

Whether you’re trotting the globe or taking a weekend excursion, no one wants to get where they’re going looking like travel-lagged zombie—you’re somewhere new and it’s your big debut! And because we don’t all wake up looking like Beyoncé, some advance planning is in order.

I’m just back from a week’s vacation, and this time I did it right. I packed smarter, lighter and kept my necessities close. Here are a few of my travel essentials:

carry on

1. Blush

It’s astonishing what a little pinch to the cheeks can do for your face. This blush from Make Up Forever will liven your look with perfect sun-kissed cheeks!

2. Mini Facial Kit

Wearing a lot of make up on a long flight isn’t good for your skin and if you’re like me, falling asleep in makeup means waking up with raccoon eyes. This facial cream from Kiehl’s keeps my skin soft and fresh and has plenty of SPF protection.

3. Effortless Jewelry

These designer drop earrings from Caché, offer two perfect pops of color and weigh next to nothing. Perfect for glamour on the go.

4. The Fedora

This classic fedora from Saks Fifth Avenue has been a life-saver. There is nothing worse than dealing with flat and/or frizzy hair after a long flight. I usually flip my hair into a side bun and let my fedora make the statement! It’s an easy fit in my carry-on and keeps its shape.

5. Comfortable Shoes

As much as I would love to be that girl that never takes her heels off, when it comes to travel I want to get there in comfort. These studded leather ballet flats from Zara are affordable, easy to wear and super stylish.

6. The Perfect Shoulder Bag

This fabulous shoulder bag from Caché is the perfect size for my passport, credit cards, boarding pass and iphone. Authentic leather and made in NYC (which I love) the zipper and clasp keep your things secure and the gold hardware keeps you looking polished.


Hot Travel: Prague

Hot Travel: Prague


In the heart of the Czech Republic stands one of the world’s most well-preserved cities, Prague. Hidden in the mountains, this little gem is utterly unlike any other European hotspot and absolutely worth a schlep across the pond!

From the winding cobblestone streets to the exquisite, colorful architecture, Prague is steeped in fairytale romance. The city’s layout is itself breathtaking: The Vltava River flows through the center and is spanned by stunning bridges. The base of the town is covered with tightly packed pastel-colored buildings on intertwining roads. Churches and historic landmarks are dotted liberally throughout the city, and are easy to stumble upon.

Of particular note is the world-renowned Prague Castle, which overlooks the metropolis. It’s massive and its detailed Gothic architecture surreal. Get a spectacular aerial perspective on the city from any point on the grounds (a view known to locals as “the sea of red roofs”). The illuminated fortress stands guard over Prague each night.


Get lost! There’s so much to do as a tourist in this picturesque place, and your best bet for getting to know the city is to simply walk around and explore. Do it all: Cross bridges, climb up to the castle, wander into churches—all while taking in the city’s stunning architecture and lush greenery.

Attractions: All year round, street vendors and outdoor markets hawk unique goods that run the gamut of homemade treats, fresh produce, and glass jewelry, for which the Czech Republic is specially known. During the warmer months, boating is a splendid Vltava River activity. Around the holidays—Easter and Christmas in particular—the Old Town Square is completely transformed with marvelous decorations and attractions for all ages.

Eats: Around every corner is a new dining destination. While native Czech cuisine is similar to that of its German neighbor, Prague itself is home to a wide and sophisticated variety of dining options for all price ranges. From Michelin Star-winners to street cuisine, I found everything delicious and fresh.

This and that: A number of Prague’s parks are feature bars, outdoor concert spaces, open markets and sporting arenas.  Oh, and did I mention that the city has some of the best shopping ever?  From ultra-luxe high-end stores to cool little local boutiques, I found almost TOO many options!


One of my favorite things about Prague fashion is that anything goes! There is no “fashion code of conduct.” As far as I can tell, a girl can wear whatever makes her feel her best, with a few practical points to keep in mind:

1. Pack your dresses! Czech women love their dresses—their closets are stacked with gorgeous pieces for any occasion. Day dresses are in full bloom on the streets at all times, regardless of weather, while cocktail numbers are a must for the evenings.

2. Leave your stilettos at home! Most Prague roads are made of cobblestone, a not-so-friendly environment for those sexy sky-high heels you love. Opt for something with a bit of a thicker heel, like a wedge, or a bootie.

3. For summer: While it may be 85 degrees and sunny during the day, Prague temperatures always drop significantly once night falls. Make sure to bring a cute scarf for evening wear and you’ll be all set!For winter:

4. Faux-fur is your friend! The winter months can be extremely cold, and what better way to bundle up than with some luxe fur pieces? Think layers and mix it up with hats, scarves, capes and jackets to keep warm without feeling like a marshmallow.