Weekend Fashion Update: Central Park

Central Park

TGIF!  Busy week, right?! Between the meetings, conference calls and too-few-and-far-between coffee breaks, we barely even realized that it’s Friday.

But yes, it’s true! Labor day weekend has arrived and we’ve got a few days all to ourselves before going back to the hustle and bustle.

For a much-needed dose of “me” time this weekend, we’re hitting up New York’s very own natural oasis, Central Park. On your outdoor max-and-relax jaunt, might we suggest taking with you a blanket, a bottle of wine and that awesome summer read your girlfriend told you about?

As always, we’ve already planned the perfect ensemble for your weekend outing. So lie back, relax, and look fabulous—because girl, you deserve it.

Central Park


Central Park Lace




Looking for a European getaway? Our recommendation: Barcelona, Spain!


Barcelona is a city of amazing culture, food, and nightlife on Spain’s Catalonian coast, which makes it a perfect Mediterranean getaway.

Breathe in the aroma of sizzling tapas and sweet sangria. While the cool breeze rolls off the sea and blows through the palm trees, get lost in the city’s quaint, labyrinthine alleyways, each one filled with adventure.

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona is full of museums, cathedrals, and tourist attractions ranging from the art of Salvador Dalí to the Olympic Stadium. Don’t miss the opportunity to sit outside with a glass of wine or clara (the Spanish version of a refreshing lemon shandy) and enjoy the sights and sounds! Check out La Rambla in the center of the city – a perfect spot to munch on tapas, the famed small plates of Spanish cuisine. Tapas are hot or cold appetizers, designed to be shared with friends or someone special. Favorites include patatas bravas, Catalan bread, olives, chorizo, and Tortilla Española.


If you’re looking for an architectural adventure, look no further than the works of Antoni Gaudí, Catalonia’s most famous architect. Gaudí was heavily inspired by nature and had a very eclectic sense of design. His work can be seen all over the city! Make sure to check out Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic basilica designed by Gaudí in 1882. Construction is still going on today, so expect some hammering while you gaze at the breathtaking stain glass windows. Park Güell, another work of Gaudí, is the perfect place to take a break from the city. Stroll through the endless mosaic structures and gardens.


Take time to lose yourself in Barcelona and explore all of the different treasures the city has to offer. And don’t forget to do it in style! We recommend traveling to Barcelona in the Fall or early Spring when the weather’s at its peak. Have you been to Barcelona? Tell us about your adventure!

Written by: Emma Ilaria, Merchandising Coordintor


Natural Remedy: Coconut Oil and “Oil Pulling”


Caché girls, I’m super-into natural beauty and health remedies right now. After reading countless doomsday articles on the possible dangers of the various sodium lauryl sulfates, parabens, and aluminum present in my day-to-day beauty routine (uh-oh), I’ve decided to change things up a bit.

As it turns out, there are a ton of safe, all-natural and inexpensive alternatives out there. One of my new favorite routines is oil pulling, an ancient Ayurvedic remedy currently being touted all over the natural beauty sphere as the hot organic alternative to harsh manufactured mouthwash. It involves swishing around coconut oil while its fatty acids “pull” the toxins out of your mouth.

Oil Pulling

Are you up to the challenge? Feeling adventurous? Here’s how to do it:

1. The best time to oil pull is on an empty stomach—ideally right when you wake up. Heat and melt one to two teaspoons of raw, solid organic coconut oil (you can pick up a 16-ounce jar at Trader Joe’s for $5.99). You can also simply allow a chunk to melt in your mouth.

2. Swish in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes, ensuring you swirl around your teeth and gums. A good time to do it might be while you’re showering or doing your hair.

3. Spit out the oil. Make sure you depositing it in the trash, NOT the sink, as the oil can clog pipes! Also best not to swallow the oil, since it’s full of the toxins you’re trying to remove.

4. Immediately brush your teeth.

I believe I felt an immediate change in my oral health after just a few days. I noticed my teeth becoming shinier and whiter, and my mouth felt cleaner, with no bad morning breath! Yay!

Coconut oil is multi-purpose, so if you’re looking for additional uses for that giant tub of greasy oil, it’s awesome as a lotion or hair mask—it’s got amazing hydrating properties (good for that summer sunburn, ouch!). This natural beauty product is also fabulous to cook with, since it has a higher burn point than other oils. Read more on the benefits and science of oil pulling here.


What do you think, ladies? What are your favorite beauty and health DIYs lately? Let us know!

Beauty on the blog by Caché’s Merchandising Coordinator, Emma Ilaria.


Rockefeller Center: Summer Garden Bar & Jeff Koons

Summer Garden Bar

Psssst! In New York City? Looking for a fun day-time outing in the remaining summer weeks? We’ll give you a hint, from one Caché girl to another: it’s Rockefeller Center.

While you may recognize good ol’ 30 Rock from any one of your favorite on-screen representations (30 Rock, Elf, The Godfather, The Today Show—pick one!), what a lot of New Yorkers and tourists may not know is that this iconic locale transforms into a super-stylish summer oasis each summer.

If you’re hungry, check out Summer Garden Bar, one of our favorite outdoor Manhattan dining outfits: it offers a veritable seasonal cornucopia of hand-made pasta, lobster, burgers, steak, and desserts for all palates. True to its name, Summer Garden Bar also features a wide range of house-crafted cocktails and wine—both by the bottle and glass.

We dig that Rockefeller Center, like Summer Garden Bar, always has something totally amazing on tap. This summer we love artist Jeff Koons’ botanical Split-Rocker installation, a truly spectaculartopiary (is it a horse? Is it a dinosaur?) that towers over 37 feet high and flowers into more than 50,000 blooms. A definite summer must-see!

Jeff Koons

Our takeaway? If you’re on the hunt for a fun spot in NYC to meet the girls for drinks or spend time with your significant other, we’ve officially given Rockefeller Center the Caché seal of approval!