Caché Summer Beauty Treatment Roundup

Being a woman is a gift that I’m sure most of us wouldn’t trade, but as insiders, we all know the truth—that with great beauty comes great responsibility! And along with that gorgeous, dewy skin comes the challenge of protecting it with sunscreen, exercise and a balanced diet.

But sometimes a girl needs a little extra help! With so many beauty products and tips flooding our social media consciousness every day, finding the best care for our hair and skin can be a little challenging.

To find that perfect product, we’ve asked the style mavens at Caché headquarters to compile a list of the formulas that keep them pretty and polished. Check out their picks below:

beauty group 1

1. Clarisonic

2. EOS Lip Balm

3. Kerastase Conditioner 

beauty group 2

4. They’re Real Mascara

5. Laura Mercier Eye Lash Curler

6. Make Up Forever HD Blush


beauty group 3

7. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

8. Tarte Cosmetics Foundation

9. Bobbi Brown Art Stick – Dusty Pink

10. Chanel Levres Scintillantes Lip Gloss


We ♥ Movies

The weekend is here, and with only two days before the start of another action-packed week, you’ve got some fashion-forward plans to make!

And since we know – we know! – you’ve got so many options and so very little time, we’ve done the hard part for you.

The Concept: Movie-night at your favorite theater. Make it a date or a Girls’ Night Out.

Movie Theater

The Outfit: Perfect for before, during and after your night of buttered popcorn and lots of laughs. (If you decide to see a comedy, that is!)

Check out our picks below for a fabulous movie-night look.


Black Stretch Bootcut Jean


Black Skinny






Brunchable You

A round of applause to the mastermind who decided salmon eggs benedict and mimosas were a must between breakfast and lunch! Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the perfect opportunity to get “weekend dressed,” gather your friends, and meet for the most important meal of the weekend.


For those of you thinking you’ve got nothing to wear and nowhere to go, we’ve got some brunch-right outfit suggestions and here’s the skinny on one of our favorite NYC brunch locations:

Tucked away in the West Village, Agave is easily one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city. They’ve got a downstairs dining room, a sunroom and outdoor seating, and a menu that runs the gamut from Spinach Empanaditas to Sunrise Fiesta Burritos to Ahi Tuna Tartar. When it comes to the bar, three words: Full Tequila Menu.

We strongly suggest you treat yourself to brunch this weekend, ladies – eat, drink, talk, and look beautiful doing it.

Fuschia Twist Front Bra Tank

Gold Embossed Snake Print

Ivory Blouson Top

Black Stretch Skinny



Hot Travel: Prague

Hot Travel: Prague


In the heart of the Czech Republic stands one of the world’s most well-preserved cities, Prague. Hidden in the mountains, this little gem is utterly unlike any other European hotspot and absolutely worth a schlep across the pond!

From the winding cobblestone streets to the exquisite, colorful architecture, Prague is steeped in fairytale romance. The city’s layout is itself breathtaking: The Vltava River flows through the center and is spanned by stunning bridges. The base of the town is covered with tightly packed pastel-colored buildings on intertwining roads. Churches and historic landmarks are dotted liberally throughout the city, and are easy to stumble upon.

Of particular note is the world-renowned Prague Castle, which overlooks the metropolis. It’s massive and its detailed Gothic architecture surreal. Get a spectacular aerial perspective on the city from any point on the grounds (a view known to locals as “the sea of red roofs”). The illuminated fortress stands guard over Prague each night.


Get lost! There’s so much to do as a tourist in this picturesque place, and your best bet for getting to know the city is to simply walk around and explore. Do it all: Cross bridges, climb up to the castle, wander into churches—all while taking in the city’s stunning architecture and lush greenery.

Attractions: All year round, street vendors and outdoor markets hawk unique goods that run the gamut of homemade treats, fresh produce, and glass jewelry, for which the Czech Republic is specially known. During the warmer months, boating is a splendid Vltava River activity. Around the holidays—Easter and Christmas in particular—the Old Town Square is completely transformed with marvelous decorations and attractions for all ages.

Eats: Around every corner is a new dining destination. While native Czech cuisine is similar to that of its German neighbor, Prague itself is home to a wide and sophisticated variety of dining options for all price ranges. From Michelin Star-winners to street cuisine, I found everything delicious and fresh.

This and that: A number of Prague’s parks are feature bars, outdoor concert spaces, open markets and sporting arenas.  Oh, and did I mention that the city has some of the best shopping ever?  From ultra-luxe high-end stores to cool little local boutiques, I found almost TOO many options!


One of my favorite things about Prague fashion is that anything goes! There is no “fashion code of conduct.” As far as I can tell, a girl can wear whatever makes her feel her best, with a few practical points to keep in mind:

1. Pack your dresses! Czech women love their dresses—their closets are stacked with gorgeous pieces for any occasion. Day dresses are in full bloom on the streets at all times, regardless of weather, while cocktail numbers are a must for the evenings.

2. Leave your stilettos at home! Most Prague roads are made of cobblestone, a not-so-friendly environment for those sexy sky-high heels you love. Opt for something with a bit of a thicker heel, like a wedge, or a bootie.

3. For summer: While it may be 85 degrees and sunny during the day, Prague temperatures always drop significantly once night falls. Make sure to bring a cute scarf for evening wear and you’ll be all set!For winter:

4. Faux-fur is your friend! The winter months can be extremely cold, and what better way to bundle up than with some luxe fur pieces? Think layers and mix it up with hats, scarves, capes and jackets to keep warm without feeling like a marshmallow.